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xecutive Overview

What would you do with over 6 miles of beachfront?

One of the most successful retirement communities in North America had a powerful vision.  They wanted to provide real community to active senior adults, and wanted to let them decide what part of the United States made most sense for their retirement. This is the Sun City brand, which developed its communities along the coasts of Florida and California, the piedmonts of the east, and the deserts of Arizona.   They knew how to build the services and amenities that everyone wanted and then offered clients the option to choose what type of climate and environment suited their needs best.  Their success has been unparalleled in the industry.

ECI Development is taking this concept one step further by serving the millions of Baby Boomers now searching for retirement options in Latin America.  This is an already large market and it is growing quickly.  The recent world economic downturn and the loss of vast sums of wealth in retirement accounts is further pushing this demographic to further explore ways to lower their cost of living without reducing their quality of life. In fact, living south of the border can provide an enhanced quality of life as long as the developer meets certain standards.

North American consumers largely take for granted the basic comforts of reliable electricity, excellent water pressure, high speed bandwidth for internet, access to top notch medical care, and quality construction.  In Latin America, many developers fail to provide even these basic services.   The vast majority of projects in the region are one country, one location.  They are often little more than a collection of lots with limited infrastructure.  Most have few or no homes and residential product in place.  These ghost towns are likely to remain just that.  Boomer retirees want life, activities, neighbors, and community, something these projects cannot offer.   

ECI is unique because it delivers the excellent infrastructure needed for a high quality of life experience. Significant resources are invested up front for amenities like golf, tennis and health facilities. Build requirements ensure that community happens quickly. Furthermore ECI provides real choice where it matters, in location selection. This is accomplished by developing properties in the various geographies of the region. Clients can choose from a home along the Pacific or Caribbean coasts, in the cool tropical mountains, or in the arid, high deserts of South America.

Just like Sun City in North America, one geography doesn’t fit all clients looking for a retirement home South-of-the-Border.  Some folks prefer warm moist air, others dry arid climates, some like mountains and eternal spring, some the beach, some like to golf, others tennis or boating. ECI provides a high level of amenities and infrastructure, provides real product choice, and is setting new standards in the region.  The Boomers are a discerning crowd and now demand retirement homes that serve their comfort needs and lifestyle wants. ECI delivers the lifestyle and location choice people desire in retirement.

 An investment in ECI recognizes the advantage of being in front of the macro demographic trend with a specific product that delivers the details critically important for the Boomer consumer. Demand for this product is proven by 240 homesites already sold and 46 residences complete. You can participate as an equity partner in serving these clients and reap the rewards of providing the solution so many of them will own in retirement.    

Your investment is unique in five ways

  1. The market is large and growing.  Already 500,000 U.S. retirees receive Social Security checks abroad today.  Right now 4,500,000 more North Americans are considering living or owning property in Latin America.   Baby Boomer retirement will largely drive this market over the next 20 years and the trend is in its infancy.  As many more look to the tropics for affordable, yet enhanced retirement lifestyles we’ll see huge growth in these in these already large numbers.
  2. Return on Investment (ROI) to shareholders is immediate and ongoing. As of December 31, 2008, 15 quarterly dividend payments had been paid. ECI accelerates the sales pace, retail price and ROI to shareholders by building a resort community with the infrastructure and amenities expected by the North American consumer. Gran Pacifica Phase I is complete with over $20M in equity capital invested to date. All real estate sales produce a quarterly dividend and sales began in October 2004.  Dividends are paid according to the mechanism outlined in the prospectus, which mandates that 90% of real estate sales profits are paid out in a quarterly dividend. Investors can expect to earn at least 10 times their investment amount over the next ten to fifteen years. 
  3. You will be joining a powerful A-team that has proven its skill over the last eight years by dealing effectively with the many challenges that face projects of this scale.  This includes a large international hotel chain, a former Ambassador to the region and White House policy advisor, a “big four” global accounting and hotel consulting firm, a former CENTEX and US Homes President and COO, the architect of three Marriott hotels and the Four Seasons in Costa Rica, the land planning firm who was Disney’s choice for master planning when they wanted to build a town, the architect and creator of numerous golf courses throughout the US, and a cadre of influential Latin Americans. 
  4. ECI is a diversified investment, both geographically and by business type.  The Gran Pacifica business unit has sold 240 properties to date representing less than 3% of its total property.  ECI’s second property, Grand Baymen Belize, is now selling.  The Costa Rica business unit is passing through environmental permitting .  Acquisitions of assets in Panama and Argentina are being explored.  Other business units already under the ECI umbrella such as construction, cable TV, internet, home theatre, and property management will contribute significantly over the long term to shareholder ROI.  For the basis of this business plan, however, only sales of real estate are used for ROI calculations.  These and other business units developed in the future will be incremental to the projected returns.
  5. Desirability drives demand, and demand drives price.  ECI builds traditional neighborhoods like the community built by Walt Disney outside Orlando, FL called Celebration and the new Village at Pinehurst.  Master planning along these principles produces yields three to five times higher than traditional planning concepts while delivering the charm of a village setting to consumers.  Boomers demand services, infrastructure, and amenities, and ECI is one of only a very few companies delivering this in Latin America right now.  By differentiating ourselves in this way, we have created a final product that is highly desirable and attractive to the vast Baby Boomer market. 

You will be investing in shares of the holding company, ECI Development.  Current real estate assets of the company include:  3.5 miles of Pacific beachfront in Nicaragua, 1.8 miles of Caribbean coastline in Costa Rica, and 2 prime resort properties on the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize.  Additionally, an LOI is in place for the acquisition of 3400 more acres in Hopkins Bay Belize, doubling the size of our land holdings and adding another mile of ocean front real estate to the asset base.  ECI is actively scouting for properties in Panama, the highlands of Costa Rica, and Argentina’s up-and-coming “Napa Valley.”  Your ownership includes these new assets as well.

The multiple countries strategy not only serves the Boomer consumer’s demand for location, climate, and amenity choice, it provides the investor with geographic diversification of assets lowering the overall risks associated with any one-country political or economic challenges vested in a single property ownership.  Investors also benefit from the additional diversification into multiple business types in each location.  Returns from these businesses are expected to contribute significantly to the bottom line as we reach critical mass, and well into the future. 

The Gran Pacifica business unit is already achieving superior returns and paying dividends.  It is an excellent proof of concept, having evolved in one of the toughest business climates, and an even more difficult selling environment.  It is already exceeding ROI projections outlined in the business plan.  It is likely that new properties in Belize, Costa Rica and Argentina will produce an even higher yield per acre to shareholders. 

Using a conservative analysis explained fully in the business plan, it is reasonable for you to expect a 10-12 fold return on your investment paid out over the life of the investment in quarterly dividends.  Calculations for the ROI are based on a static sales price of the real estate using actual sales data from the Gran Pacifica business unit.  If we see even a moderate increase in retail prices, or the other business units deliver a higher sales price, returns to shareholders are even more impressive.   It is possible that an IPO would make sense in the future and management is exploring this possibility.

Investors can feel confident with an investment into ECI Development.  A solid team of seasoned professionals are assembled to execute the plan.  Risks are limited because we own all of the physical assets.  The upside is huge.  ECI Development has a winning team, superb tools, and is fortunate to be in the right place at the right time with the resources necessary to execute the plan.

Accredited investors are welcome to become part of a company with a clear understanding of history and a pioneering vision of the future.   You can be the developer and reap the profits associated with serving Boomers retirees in Latin America.  Ownership of this asset can be held in person, in trust, or even inside an IRA.  This is your invitation to say yes to something that will create a more prosperous future for you, your children, and your grandchildren.


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